Connecting Mind, Body and Soul

Japanese methods for optimal health, power, self defense and vitality of body and mind.
vitality & self defense

Martijn van Hemmen

Martijn van Hemmen
Founder Soul Budo & Health

vitality and self defense

Are you looking for a way to:

  • improve your self defense skills
  • develop and improve leadership qualities
  • improve the relationship with yourself and others
  • handle stress and tensions better
  • handle aggression better
  • improve your communication
  • improve collaboration within your team or organization
  • develop a state of body and mind in which it’s easier to be relaxed and calm
  • think and act more effective and efficiently
  • be truly free
  • develop yourself further

Then read the information on the website and contact us if you want more information or even better join with the activity that suits you most. Experience yourself if it suits you.

Budo activities are:

Health activities are:

Contact Martijn for more information.

vitality & self defense