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Connecting Mind, Body and Soul
Martijn van Hemmen

Martijn van Hemmen

ABOUT ME Martijn van Hemmen

My passions are personal growth, health, self defense and mind/body/breath coordination. The main tools I use for this are:



  • 3rd kyu Instructor Soutai Balance Kyokai

Gendai Reiki

  • Level 4, Master level, recognized by Gendai Reiki Healing Center

Oneness Deeksha

  • Initiated at the Oneness University in India as Deeksha giver


From 2002: Teaching Aikido to adults and children

From 2005: Teaching Aikido workshops for companies and groups, and using Aikido principles and exercises for personal coaching.

From 2005:  Organizing Oneness meetings

From 2012: Teaching Aikido private classes and Sotaiho classes and workshops

From 2014: Teaching International Aikido seminars

From 2017: Teaching Gendai Reiki courses and meetings

Martijn van Hemmen


1995: Started doing Ki Aikido

2002: Became Dojo Instructor Aikido Yuishinkai Alkmaar

2004: Started doing Aikido Yuishinkai

2005: Founded my company Centre for Health

2005: Initiated as Deeksha Giver at the Oneness University in India (did follow up courses in 2006, 2008 and 2012).

2007: Accepted the invitation from Maruyama sensei to receive personal training from him and Okajima sensei in Japan. After this first visit I continued going to Japan every year until 2019 to receive trainingen from them.

2012: Opened my home dojo Rakushinkan

2014: Initiated as Gendai Reiki Master and became certified Sotaiho Instructor (both in Japan)

2016: Appointed as Chief Instructor Aikido Yuishinkai The Netherlands and International Instructor for Aikido Yuishinkai by Maruyama sensei.

2016: Founded my company Soul Budo & Health

Corporate background: I have been working as Quality Manager, Communication Manager, Manager Business Support and teamleader.


Soul Budo & Health



Aikido workshops en bedrijfstraining

Aikido coaching


Gendai Reiki

Ki workshops and training

Oneness Deeksha

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Martijn van Hemmen